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Let’s not forget bamboo for our little buddy.  Health and wellness in the new year is the perfect gift for everyone including our dogs.  Bamboo is very high in vegitative silica and this has many benefits including promoting a healthy and shiny coat, reducing itchiness, and aiding the body in healing skin conditions.  Silica also strengthens and rebuilds connective tissues and increases bone densisty so it is especially good for dogs that have or are prone to hip dysplacia.  Bamboo aslo contains fiber and antioxidants.  If your dog suffers from severe digestive problems you can make the supplement into a liquid and give it to them 1/2hour prior to eating.  This will coat the lining of the digestive system and allow the system to slow down the digestive process and relax.  This organic supplement will bring health and wellness to your dog all year long.


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Product Description

This organic bamboo supplement is high in silica, fiber, and antioxidants.  After just a few weeks of using the supplement I noticed a huge difference in my dog’s coat.  His coat is shiny and healthy looking even though he loves to swim in the pond :).  The quality of an animal’s coat is a a good indication as to his overall health.  A dull coat with hair falling out is a sign of poor health.

Silica not only helps with skin conditions and the pet’s coat it also speeds up the healing process for injuries to bones and connective tissues.  Silica builds collagen which is a building block for connective tissues.  Strong connective tissues help to support joints and bones.  Silica also has been shown to increase bone density and speed up recovery from bone fractures.

The fiber can help with any digestive issues.  For severe problems give the supplement in some yogurt or pudding 20 minutes before feeding.  This will slow down the digestive system and help to prevent loose stools.

Most dogs love the supplement.  I like to sprinkle it onto my dogs food with a touch of oil.  For the pickier dogs you can mix the supplement into yogurt or sweet potato mash.

Recommended dosage:  1/2 tsp daily for small dogs                      1tsp daily for large dogs

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1/2 oz., 2 oz.


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