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Hair and Skin Conditioner – Sage / Lavender 2oz


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Product Description

Bamboo hydrosol is rich in silica and is the perfect leave in nourishment for your hair’s vitality.  Silica has been shown to strengthen hair from the follicle to the end.  It reduces shedding and hair loss while encouraging new growth.  Bamboo hydrosol is a steam distillation of the plant that we grow here on our farm with the highest intention for health and well being.  Our hydrosol includes all of the essential oils from the plant and the skin and hair just seem to love it.  We add in essential oils to elevate the mood and freshen your day.

This product comes in a 2 oz spray bottle and can be easily carried in a purse so that you can use it anytime, anywhere.  Try it on your skin for a wonderful moisturizing wake up.

As always our products are all organic and made with years of working with bamboo.


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