Digestive Therapy – 14 day supplement tea w/ probiotics

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Product Description

Bamboo Leaf Tea and probiotics the perfect blend to enhance the overall health of your immune system.  We live in a fast paced world and aiding our body in processing the excesses of life is really important to our overall health and well being.

  • rich in silica
  • contains soluble fiber
  • improves immune function
  • aids in weight loss
  • improves gut flora
  • organic
  • helps to prevent colds and flu
  • improves skin and hair

Self care through good food and supplements is the key to a healthy well functioning immune system.  Through the continued studies of the micro-biome we now know that immunity is seated in the gut and that we need to have a healthy digestive system in order to have a healthy body.  Bamboo Leaf Tea is an excellent tea for this since it is one of the few teas that contains soluble fiber due to it’s high silica content.  This coats the lining of the digestive system helping it to work more regularly as well as easing distress from overstimulated digestive systems.  Soluble fiber helps to regulate the system.

With the high use in our medical care system and our food production of antibiotics adding probiotics is a basic requirement for gut health.  This patented encapsulated formula is perfect for tea and can be brewed more then once.  (This is best done at opposite ends of the day since too many probiotics at one time can cause digestive distress.)

Want to look great?  Feed your body this high quality supplement to create beauty from the inside out.



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