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Product Description

This is a great start to a new you.  Detoxification is a must in the environment that we live in.  This package is a great place to start and will lead you on a new path of health and wellness.

Toxins are everywhere.  From our food, to our water, to our air, we are surrounded by toxins.  So it is really important to aid our body in adapting to our environment and aiding it in releasing these toxins from our body efficiently.  Bringing balance to our lives is essential for maintaining a healthy body which allows us to live a full and well rounded life.  Because we are exposing ourselves to daily stresses and environmental toxins we need to also aid our body in releasing these burdens by adding healing herbs that help our bodies to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

This package includes 30 tea sachets of the Detox tea.  Teas are such a great way to add nutrients and supplements to our daily routine.

The package also includes 30 tea sachets of Bamboo Leaf Tea.  The best way to do this is to drink the Detox tea in the morning in place of coffee and then end the day with a cup of the Bamboo Leaf Tea.  The soluble fiber in Bamboo Leaf Tea helps the body eliminate toxins and cleanse the liver.  The two teas will work together flush out the toxins from the body through the intestinal tract.

In addition to the teas you will also receive a 1 oz package of Bamboo Charcoal.  This can be taken internally for 7-10 days and will flush toxins from the body.  I recommend starting with the charcoal and then adding the teas after 5-7 days.  Charcoal is good for so many things and it is one of the few products that will remove heavy metals from the body.


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