Daily Detox Tea is a daily ritual to support your body and relieve the negative affects of stress.  This tea is intended for a daily ritual of health and wellbeing and makes the perfect alternative for coffee.  Improve your health daily with this ritual.


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Product Description

With so many people suffering from auto-immune diseases I wanted to create a tea that had the top most powerful immune modulators all in one place.  The Immunity Tea is a daily ritual of supporting the body.  It is a powerful blend of organic fo ti or he shou wu, wild crafted chaga mushroom, wild crafted reishi mushroom, organic astragulus, and organic Bamboo Leaf Tea.  Let’s be clear we are surrounded by toxins.   From our water to our food to the materials in our homes toxins are everywhere.  This tea is a daily routine to support the internal organs and blood, the life line of our bodies.  The best way to use it is often!


The soluble fiber in bamboo strengthens the liver and helps the body to release toxins through the digestive system.  The liver is the filter of the body and cleansing it reduces anger and stress.  Bamboo Leaf tEa is a fast acting flush that moves quickly through the body to support the liver and kidneys in their job of filtering out toxins from the body.  Bamboo is a powerful cleansing tea that acts as a delivery system for other herbs and helps the body to remove toxins efficiently through the digestive system.

  • flushes toxins
  • supports digestive system
  • strengthens liver and kidneys
  • strengthens cardiovascular system
  • excellent source of silica
  • anti-oxidants


He shou wu or Fo Ti is a powerful blood tonic and is also well known in Chinese medicine for reducing gray hair.

  • supports liver and kidneys
  • cleanses blood
  • supports adrenal function
  • builds core energy
  • good source of zinc and iron
  • anti-oxidants


Chaga mushroom is a powerful tonic for the immune system.  The Siberians call it the “gift from God”.

  • longevity tonic
  • adaptogen
  • supports body in reducing effects of stress
  • adrenal support
  • anti-viral
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • immune modulator


Reishi mushroom known in eastern medicine as the “mushroom of kings” and the “mushroom of immortality” helps to balance the body while strengthening it’s natural defenses.  It also helps the body to relax and reduce stress.

  • protects the cardiovascular system
  • anti-tumor
  • immune modulator
  • improves sleep
  • kidney tonic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • promotes feeling of overall wellbeing


Astragulus is a root that is used to support the immune system and restore organ strength.  It is also a longevity tonic.

  • supports lung function
  • supports spleen function
  • promotes healthy immune function
  • adaptogen properties
  • improves energy


Filling our bodies with powerful healing substances strengthens our bodies and allows us to adapt to our environment so we can live our lives to the fullest extent.

Directions:  This tea can be used daily as a tonic to bolster the body and it is recommended 1-3 times a day.  This is a great tea to take in place of a morning coffee and can be made into a latte.  The tea can be used more than once by brewing it the first time, bringing it to a boil the second time, and then boiling it for up to 15 minutes.  I like to use the tea until the color is gone which is usually 3-5 times.

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1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 14 tea sachets, 4 oz, 28 tea sachets, 8 oz., 16 oz.


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