Clear – bamboo, eucalyptus, mint, oregano, tea tree hydrosol blend



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Product Description

Clear is an amazing blend of bamboo, eucalyptus, mint, and oregano hydrosols with tea tree essential oil.  This blend can be used to aid with upper respiratory congestion.  Add to the bath or spray in the shower for sinus relief.  This blend can also be added to a neti pot or to hot water as a steam inhalation.  Spray the room or surfaces to help stop the spread of colds.

Hydrosols are steam distillates and we create our hydrosols without removing any of the essential oils.  We use only the best water and plant material to create our elixirs.  Many plants are grown or wild crafted on site.

I like to use hydrosols on my skin after a shower to restore a natural PH balance.  Bamboo is particularly nourishing and the skin just soaks it up.  Other uses include adding them to the bath or shower, spraying on the hair as a leave in conditioner, and room or linen sprays.

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