Brain Therapy



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Product Description

This tea is for all of us who wake up with the best intentions of staying on track  and yet find ourselves at 10:30 having started about 20 tasks and completed none.  This tea is perfect for hitting the reset button on our brains.  It promotes clarity and focus and is one that I find to be effective right away.

The blend includes organic tulsi, organic ginkgo biloba, organic gotu kola, organic mint, organic lemon balm, organic rosehips, organic Bamboo Leaf Tea.  Tulsi is a powerful de-stressor, alleviating mind chatter and promoting clarity.  Ginkgo biloba increases blood flow to the brain as does gotu kola.  Gotu kola is a longevity herb that is very alkaline, it reduces anxiety while at the same time boosting brain function.  This herbal blend is great any time of the day but I find it most effective mid-morning and mid-afternoon when I seem to need it most 🙂


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