Bamboo tincture – 1oz

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Product Description

Extracts are a great way to get the benefits of bamboo in a concentrated form.  This product is simply Bamboo Leaf Tea and an organic alcohol.  It is not diluted in any way and is a powerful concentrate of bamboo.  Alcohol is highly effective at delivering the medicinal essence of plants and when taken orally is quickly assimilated into the body.  It is the fastest method of delivering plant medicine.  If it is too strong simply add the tincture to honey and blend.  Alternatively it can be added to a hot beverage and the heat will dissipate the alcohol.  If you prefer an extract without alcohol try our glycerine extract.


Alcohol is effective at extracting alkaloids, flavonoids, resins, and essential oils.  It extracts the widest range of herbal elements.


Extract uses:

  • improving cardiovascular health
  • reducing inflammation especially due to arthritis
  • increase hair growth and strength
  • upper respiratory infections, sore throat, and coughs (best when added to raw honey)


Directions:  Place 2-10 drops under the tongue and leave for 30 seconds or more.  Alternatively add 2-10 drops into a beverage.

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