Bamboo Stem Tea

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Product Description

Bamboo Stem Tea is a unique product, grown organically and processed with love in Central Florida.  Way back when
I started making tea from bamboo I wanted to be really clear about the product because there was so much manipulation of the word bamboo.  This product is made from the stems that connect the leaves of the bamboo to each other and to the plant.  They are rich in silica and minerals and create a tea that has a wonderfully calming effect.  Much like oat straw this tea can be used to reduce mind chatter and anxiety especially surrounding addictions and cravings.  White knuckling addiction can be exhausting.  Having tools that help with alleviating the intensity of the craving can really be a gift.


  • reduces stress
  • reduces nervousness
  • reduces cravings
  • calming
  • soothing
  • relaxing
  • addiction therapy

The tea is best brewed using a high heat and even simmering the tea.  Loose leaf tea is easy to use in this way as well as being cheaper 🙂  The tea can be used more then once by repeating the simmering for a longer period of time.

Bamboo Stem Tea is available in various sizes of loose tea, or in a box of 12 or 30 sachets.

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1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 14 tea sachets, 4 oz, 28 tea sachets, 8 oz., 16 oz.


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