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Bamboo – organic supplement powder

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Product Description

This organic bamboo powder supplement is unlike any on the market.  The bamboo has been heat processed so that the nutrients from bamboo can be absorbed.  Bamboo is a fibrous grass that for humans is hard to digest at best.  Most supplements are dried bamboo leaves which will provide a small amount of insoluble fiber but not the silica and anti-oxidants that are key benefits of bamboo.

This product is high in silica which is a beauty supplement increasing the strength and promoting the growth of hair, skin, and nails.  Silica builds collagen and has been shown to strengthen connective tissues and bones.  It aids in healing gum issues and strengthening teeth.  Silica is an element that we have a lot of when we are young yet we use up most of our reservoir by the time we are 25.  It is the strength and flexibility of youth and this supplement taken daily helps to replenish that element of youth.

Flavanones, which are anti-oxidants present in high amounts in bamboo, are powerful in helping the body adapt and react to allergens, viruses, and carcinogens.  Flavanones have been shown to be most effective when taken daily since any excess is excreted.

This product is made from bamboo grown organically in Florida.  The plants are grown with the utmost care with a high focus on nutritional content.

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