Bamboo Leaf Tea – K-cup 10 count

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Product Description

This wonderful tea is grown and processed in Florida – no Chinese herbs here 🙂 Bamboo has the highest amount of silica of any plant. Silica is the building block of collagen, strengthens bones, and promotes hair and nail health. Bamboo also has 4% soluble fiber which eases stomach and digestive issues. Soluble fiber also helps to make you feel more full and so aids in weight loss.

Each K-cup has 3 grams of tea and can be brewed more then once.

  • (10) servings K-cup compatible
  • high silica content – 350 mg per cup
  • promotes hair growth and strength
  • brew 2-3 times
  • helps to relieve and heal digestive issues
  • 4 % soluble fiber




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