Addiction Therapy


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Product Description

We all need a little help along the way with letting go of something that doesn’t serve us.  For some this includes smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol.  For others it includes more intense substances.  I combined herbs to create a blend that encourages release while providing comfort and strength for ourselves or those we love.

The main ingredients are the following:

Oatstraw has long been used for treating addictions.  It provides a calming essence and helps to alleviate cravings.  It is strong enough that on the street heroine addicts will drink this tea when they can’t use.  Oatstraw has traditionally been used to treat depression and ease nervous tension especially in relation to instability and uncertainty.  This is combined with bamboo which also has a calming effect as well as increasing metal and emotional flexibility.  In Brazil there is a healer known as John of God and one of his favorite herbs is passionflower.  It is used to unseat deep rooted physical and emotional issues.  Sometimes we just get stuck and need a little push to get us out of the rut and passionflower has the ability to do this.  I love to use St. John’s Wort because it is so widely needed.  I collect this is the wilds of Canada where it’s beautiful yellow flower brightens whole hillsides.  It uplifts the spirit and brings resilience and has been widely used to treat depression.

Each box contains 28 tea bags.  Each one can be used more then once.


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