Our customers are talking….

“I was recently drinking the bamboo tea on a daily basis to help my hair from shedding so much.  I was so impressed and happy with the results I wanted to purchase more.”



“I received the Glycerine extract and Skin Soother for my puppy he had a knot….the two healed it..her hair grew back thick and healthy.  I decided to use it.  My hair became soft immediately.”


“Hello Shanti! Just want to drop you a note to tell you how much I love your tea! I was looking for a natural remedy to help my skin, nails and hair because the rough, dry winter has been taking a toll on me. I heard that silica helps hair/skin/nails but I don’t like taking supplements or vitamins (and don’t want to spend a lot of money on supplments!!), so your bamboo tea was a great find! It tastes very good, very soothing and warm on a chilly night. I’ve already noticed a difference in my hair texture and skin glow. Thanks for creating this tasty line of natural teas.”

Best wishes,


Long Island NY

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“I’ve been using your bamboo loose tea in my breakfast every morning.  Not drinking it – but eating it mixed in with my eggs and spinach.  The amazing thing is that my hair is no longer falling out by the handful.”


Jacksonville, FL


“Every one of your teas has a wonderful smooth silky mouth feel.  They are delicious hot as well as iced.  I especially enjoy the Mint Medley iced.  It’s a great warm weather refresher.

I save the leaves after each brewing.  I can usually get at least two additional steepings from them.  Mother Nature just seems to keep on giving us her finest.  Thank you for all you do with bamboo.  You are truly appreciated for your genius efforts.”


Celebration, Florida


“Thank you so much for making this product ready and available.  In just this short period of time I can tell the difference in my hair so soon.  I am 52 years old and currently going through menopause and was losing my hair so very fast.  I would treat my hair in between perms, get it to grow a little and once it was permed it would start shedding.  The shedding has almost since stopped. I am so amazed as to how strong my hair has gotten since using the Bamboo Leaf tea.”

Wilmington, DE



I wanted to let you know how wonderful the hemp oil infused with bamboo is. I use externally on my hair and skin. I just love the color and consistency of the blend. My hair feels awesome.


Virginia, USA