Bamboo Leaf Tea – the perfect tea to reduce sugar cravings

        So I am still headlong into my no coffee and no sugar journey and I have to say that it is going way better than I thought it would.  I am also heavily emphasizing the journey part because to do something all at once is never easy and sometimes life gets in the way.  So grace is an important part of changing your diet.  It’s like when you want to start a diet so you go out and eat all of the junk food you love because you aren’t going to have it any more.  Grace is allowing for the journey of that day and that time.  Not binging on food and then fasting but balance and tolerance of the moment you are in.  So if you have a cookie stop at one and enjoy it instead of saying well now I blew it so I’ll have ten.

Sugar or sweeteners are really tough to pull out of our diet.  They are flavor enhancers so food doesn’t taste the same.  Part of this is the way we are made.  We are programed to eat sweet foods from birth.  We start with a sweet breast milk and go from there.  But like many things in our society sugar has gotten way out of balance.  It is handed out at banks and doctor’s offices.  Teachers and parents give it as a reward.  Sugar can also be a drug.  People who have problems with alcohol have a strong attachment to sugar.  I would go so far as to say that sugar actually feels different for them it is an exaggerated feeling of well being.  This is why studies have shown a link between kids who have a strong affinity for sugar being pre-disposed to having problems with alcohol.  Sugar intake also directly correlates with diabetes.  So we really want to get a handle on this issue for ourselves and our children.    

But we know all of this and to be honest it gets a bit overwhelming.  How do we navigate the day for ourselves let alone our families with less sugar?  Well I have a great tip that I have learned over the past few weeks.  And that is not to say that I haven’t craved my beloved oatmeal and raisin cookies but this has helped me follow through on my intention.

 I find it amazing what comes up when you detox in some way.  There is always a gift.  Well one of my gifts in the past few weeks is something amazing that I want to share with you.  It turns out that Bamboo Leaf Tea is the perfect tea for sugar cravings.  So this goes back to the idea of food in balance.  In this world we are constantly balancing.  In the Chinese culture they refer to the Yin and the Yang.  And this relates to all parts of your life including food.  The Yin is feminine, contracting, cool , restful, intuitive, absorbing.  Yang is masculine, bright, active, hot, intense.  Sugar is the Yin category.  So is bamboo.  Bamboo Leaf Tea made as a hot tea is actually the perfect balance of Yin and Yang because it is both cooling by nature and warming in temperature.  I have been drinking the tea when I feel the urge for sugar and it has really been working.  I feel balanced and the craving goes away.  So my secret weapon on the sugar cravings is a simple cup of hot tea.  I love that the most effective practices are simple and easy to come by.

I am continuing on my path detoxification and I will share any insights I have along the way.  

As Gandhi said “action expresses priorities”, so think about what you are taking action on today.

Many blessings and have a great week,


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