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Silica for athletes, mothers, and all

So we are all focused on the Olympics right now and, while many of us are not attempting that level of physical endurance, we are working our bodies hard and we need to give ourselves the nutritional support that we require.  So what are some things that you can do to build your endurance and strength?  Well silica is a great place to start.  Silica supplements have long been used as beauty supplements adding strength to the nails and hair as well as promoting new growth.  And now silica is being recognized as an important supplement for bone density, and connective tissue health.  Silica builds collagen, the glue that holds us together.  It works with calcium and magnesium to build bones.  It has been shown to reduce the rate of time it takes for bone fractures to heal.  It adds strength and flexibility to all cells of the body therefore improving the cardiovascular system.  Silica helps to cushion and support joints by strengthening cartilage.  As we grow older our absorption of the minerals we need tends to decrease unfortunately this is coupled with the increased need for those nutrients.  This is especially true for women who are mothers because having a baby depletes the nutrients of the body in such a dramatic and intense way.  I know for me having a baby was the most intense workout of my life and that doesn’t touch the requirements of the body to feed the baby during those 40 weeks.

We are born with a lot of silica.  It is the youth factor of our beginnings.   I have a picture of my son sleeping in my mother’s arms in what is essentially a back bend position.  He was completely comfortable and sound asleep.  Children are bouncy and flexible and they heal easily.  Part of that is silica.  By the time we have reached adulthood we have used up 80 % of our silica bank.  We are born with a bank of energy.  They call it Jing in Chinese.  It is what we grow from and as we do we use up that bank.  Unfortunately we are not making deposits and that is where the problem comes it.  By the time we become adults we have abused our body either physically, chemically, nutritionally, emotionally or more than likely all of the above.  We haven’t done a lot to strengthen and give back to that original core that we started with.  But the great news is that you can start anytime and every moment of every day is a new beginning.  I love that about life!

A great way to get nutrients is through teas and silica has been shown to be more readily absorbed through liquids than foods.  This is impart due to the  mouth being a great place to absorb nutrients!  The skin in the mouth is very thin which makes it easy to damage but is also a hot spot for the absorbtion of nutrients.  That is why it is so important to chew our food thoughoughly.  It is also why smoothies and juicing are so important.  Liquids make contact with larger amounts of skin therefore increasing the rate of absorbtion.  Once food gets to the stomach it is greeted by a 4ph acid bath.  Maximizing the amount of  tissue that nutrients touch prior to the stomach and hanging out in the mouth for as long as possible increases nutrient absorbtion.  This is why teas, tissanes, and infusions are an excellent way to take supplements.  Bamboo Leaf Tea is high in silica which makes an excellent way to add more strength and flexibility into your life.  The body and mind are connected and so increasing possibilities in one must do so in the other.  Add some bamboo into your life and be open for change.


May the strength and flexibility of bamboo be pervasive in all aspects of your life.

Blessings to all.

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It’s hot out there…

Hydration.  Everyone is talking about it but few are doing it.  We all know that we need to drink more water but we don’t.  Hydration can help with weight loss, can flush toxins from the body, and can give you more energy.  So here are a few ideas to help put more liquids into your body on a daily basis.

  • 2 glasses – Start every morning by drinking two glasses of water first thing after waking up.  You have just slept for 8 hours (hopefully) and your body needs fluids.  By drinking two full glasses of water every morning you are beginning your day by flushing out the old garbage that has been building up over night.  I like to add 1 tsp of Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar to each glass which has it’s own list of benefits.  www.bragg.com   If you are not used to drinking water you might have to work up to this by starting with a smaller amount and adding to it each day.  Drinking liquids is like anything new you add into your life at first you have to work at it and build that muscle.  Then eventually it will become automatic.  If you don’t like water then drink un-sweet tea.  Make yourself a pot of Bamboo Leaf Tea the night before and it will be ready for you in the morning.  Remember to use a great water because you want a great body.
  • chia seeds  – Chia is the Mayan word for strength and is a great little superfood that really aids in hydration.  There are many ways to use this seed so I’ll give you two of my favorites.  One that my kids love is to add a spoonful to their morning juice or tea.  I don’t like to give them sweet drinks so it’s a treat for them and they think the crunchy part is fun.  You can also mix a spoonful into applesauce or yogurt or another medium of your choice.  Chia seeds hold more than 10 times their weight in liquids so they act as a reservoir for hydration.  The second way is to take it with you.  Put 1 tsp of chia seed into your water bottle, add tea or water and hit the road.  You can also add some dried fruit such as goji berries or cherries for some added flavor and nutrition.  This will super boost your drink and is great for outside summer fun. 
  • tea – Working at markets and festivals gives me the opportunity to talk to a lot of thirsty people.  I think that a lot of people would drink more if they had great options in front of them.  So here is an idea.  Go to Ross or Ikea and buy some glass bottles.  I like the flip top ones.  Then before bed take out a soup pot and bring water to a boil and turn it off.  Add your favorite bamboo tea and let the tea brew overnight unless you are using green tea or relax tea only let those teas steep for 4 minutes.  In the morning strain your tea and put it into the glass bottles.  Now when you open your fridge there will be some great options for you to choose.   Tea is an excellent way to add extra nutrients to your diet.  So choose tea instead of that synthetic supplement and your body will benefit from the nutritional boost.  Drinking tea is like eating whole foods.  Teas are made from whole plants that have everything in them you need to absorb their nutrients.  So get a variety of teas and have choices, healthy choices in your fridge and you will find it much easier to stay hydrated.  It is a great feeling to open the refrigerator on a hot day and find a cold bottle of tea waiting for you.  So stock up and get brewing.
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Healthy Skin and Teeth with Bamboo Tea

   I love tea!  It is great hot or cold and is a fantastic way to get extra nutrients into my body.  So here are a few other ways that I like to use Bamboo Leaf Tea that you might like to try.


  • Skin:  Bamboo has the highest concentration of silica of any plant in the world.  Silica adds elasticity to the skin and helps to build collagen.  It can best be absorbed by placing tea bags directly onto skin blemishes, puffy eyes, or acne.  Simply heat some water and place the tea bags into the warm water.  Make sure the temperature is warm and soothing and not burning.  Place the tea bags directly onto the area and relax for 20 minutes.  Repeat daily for 1 week and check out the amazing results.
  • Teeth:  Silica works with calcium to build bone.  Healthy bones mean healthy teeth.  Bamboo also benefits the gums by strengthening them and adding elasticity.  For problem areas in the mouth simply repeat the above process and apply the warm tea bag directly to the tooth or gum.
  • Hair:  Your hair is 40% silica and therefore requires silica to grow.  Silica is often added to shampoos and conditioners but what type of silica is it?  Organic bamboo silica is a great way to strengthen your hair and give it a beautiful shine.  Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, add four tea bags and let steep for 1 hour or until luke warm.  Pour the mixture over the hair and wrap in a towel.  This can be left on all night or for several hours in the evening whichever is convenient.  Wash the hair as usual and style.
  • Nails:  Don’t forget the hands and nails they do so much for you and are subject to the most abuse.  Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add two tea bags.  Let the bamboo steep until the temperature is warm, not hot.  Pour the mixture into a bowl and soak your hands and nails for 20 minutes.  Rinse and follow up by rubbing a tablespoon of organic coconut oil into the nails and hands.
  • Body:  You’ve pushed your body physically and mentally and it’s time for something nourishing.  Bathing in bamboo will flush your system with antioxidants,and over 10 essential minerals.  Bamboo also has anti-inflammatory properties and detoxification properties.  So choose the organic supplement of bamboo over the chemical spa treatment and your body will thank you by looking and feeling younger.

Bamboo for the health of your body inside and out.  Live, love, learn, and make healthy choices for your body.

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Bamboo Tea

A big question when I buy food these days is where did it come from?  Many times that is a question that is challenging to figure out.  So in this video I wanted to show you where the bamboo that I use comes from.  Here is a link to the video Bamboo Farm.  There is too much value engineering on our food today and I like to know where my food is coming from and who is growing it.  So I hope that this gives you a little view into the life of the bamboo before it arrives in your tea cup.

Eat well and be conscious of your food choices.


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