Healthy Skin and Teeth with Bamboo Tea

   I love tea!  It is great hot or cold and is a fantastic way to get extra nutrients into my body.  So here are a few other ways that I like to use Bamboo Leaf Tea that you might like to try.


  • Skin:  Bamboo has the highest concentration of silica of any plant in the world.  Silica adds elasticity to the skin and helps to build collagen.  It can best be absorbed by placing tea bags directly onto skin blemishes, puffy eyes, or acne.  Simply heat some water and place the tea bags into the warm water.  Make sure the temperature is warm and soothing and not burning.  Place the tea bags directly onto the area and relax for 20 minutes.  Repeat daily for 1 week and check out the amazing results.
  • Teeth:  Silica works with calcium to build bone.  Healthy bones mean healthy teeth.  Bamboo also benefits the gums by strengthening them and adding elasticity.  For problem areas in the mouth simply repeat the above process and apply the warm tea bag directly to the tooth or gum.
  • Hair:  Your hair is 40% silica and therefore requires silica to grow.  Silica is often added to shampoos and conditioners but what type of silica is it?  Organic bamboo silica is a great way to strengthen your hair and give it a beautiful shine.  Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, add four tea bags and let steep for 1 hour or until luke warm.  Pour the mixture over the hair and wrap in a towel.  This can be left on all night or for several hours in the evening whichever is convenient.  Wash the hair as usual and style.
  • Nails:  Don’t forget the hands and nails they do so much for you and are subject to the most abuse.  Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add two tea bags.  Let the bamboo steep until the temperature is warm, not hot.  Pour the mixture into a bowl and soak your hands and nails for 20 minutes.  Rinse and follow up by rubbing a tablespoon of organic coconut oil into the nails and hands.
  • Body:  You’ve pushed your body physically and mentally and it’s time for something nourishing.  Bathing in bamboo will flush your system with antioxidants,and over 10 essential minerals.  Bamboo also has anti-inflammatory properties and detoxification properties.  So choose the organic supplement of bamboo over the chemical spa treatment and your body will thank you by looking and feeling younger.

Bamboo for the health of your body inside and out.  Live, love, learn, and make healthy choices for your body.

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